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Enroll A Child

Give your child the gift of a mentor — and a new friend.

When people think of mentoring programs, they think of Big Brothers Big Sisters. As an established youth organization for more than 100 years, we’ve worked to develop youth mentoring programs that yield positive results. Our experienced approach to recruiting, screening, matching and supporting our mentoring relationships has resulted in thousands of lasting relationships, and helped change the lives of young people across the country.


Our Impact

A study on the Big Brothers Big Sisters youth organization found that kids matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister:

  • Are more confident
  • Are more likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol
  • Do better in school
  • Get along better with their family and friends
  • Feel better about themselves

Parents are our Partners

We’ll work closely with you because your input is important. Not only do you provide information about your child’s strengths and needs, but you approve the selection of the Big Brother or Big Sister. Once the match is made, parents remain closely involved in several key ways.


Your child's safety is very important to us

Big Brothers Big Sisters conducts a thorough background check on every volunteer in our mentoring programs and every match is regularly reviewed by a professionally trained match coordinator.


Please complete and submit the form below. Once we review your form, we will contact you soon.

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